The Rusty Mikes are a 5 piece guitar band with an all live sound playing rock and roll hits through the ages. We are based in Chippenham playing hits from the 50s onwards with a mix to suit your event. The Rusty's would be delighted to discuss how we can make your party, birthday, community or other event really special.

Nathan "The Dr Of Rock" Brown

In the depths of Transilvania an evil genius plotted to rule the world by inventing a groove that no human can resist. His crazed attempts at global domination have been tamed and brought back to the civilised world and made human in Nathan's bass lines.

John "Scotty" Shipp

John learnt the guitar from an ancient mariner who told him the secrets of the Sirens; explaining the irresistible lure that you'll feel when his Les Paul 'Pay Back Time' begins to sing. John is our pledge master and has only one motto that matters 'Loud is good'.

Dave "Master Of The Stratocaster" Roderick

Dave is the band's baby. As with an infant he was a delicate and fragile scrap of guitar playing humanity but with careful nurturing Dave has been transformed into a screaming terror of rock an roll. His fender will make you wish you had put that precious ornament on the top shelf after all.

Mike "Cosy" Roberts

Coming from a long line of drummers Mike began hitting things in the womb. As the youngest member of the band, and the drummer all mistakes are down to him of course but his constant attention to detail and daily meditation on the top of Cherhill means the rhythm is safe in his hands.

Amie "The Boots" Kitainik

Amie is famous for her red boots which which she found in an old secondhand shop in Bury St Edmonds. Little did she know that the boots were previously owned by the great songstress Ella Fitzgerald and Ells magic lives on through The Rusty Mike's powerful vocals.